Community Forestry Consultants

We help communities, campuses and commercial properties design, implement, and administer Community Forest management plans.

Our Beliefs

We believe that big change begins with small successes, and in the Climate Change conversation, private land owners can make a big impact by adapting their existing processes to yield even greater environmental results.

We help by designing & implementing a unique Community Forestry plan with you and working with your vendors to make it happen!

We know it can be challenging to implement a successful plan without support…we can help!

“Conservation is a human-being endeavor, and strategies should reflect the social element; we’re dealing with people, policy, and power dynamics.”

Dr. Amy Vedder, Yale University

Areas of Emphasis

Climate Readiness

We help ensure that your Community Forest is best suited for the increasing demands of a changing climate. We do this by assessing water needs, species suitability, and tree editing and replanting.


We approach Community Forest management with a thoughtful consideration of the indigenous ecosystem, and work to increase native plant use as part of our ecological approach.

Carbon Sequestration

We keep our eye on the future as we work to establish maximum carbon sequestering capacity within your forest, but also within the soil and the surrounding biome, with a goal of earning future incentives.

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If you would like help capitalizing on the incredible resource within your tree population, Community Forestry Consultants can help!

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